I didn't even remember this existed. Hi.


Outtamind (Outtasite)


What a weekend for my football teams. On saturday the Dukes of JMU beat Furman after Raymond Hines scored a 1 yard TD on fourth down with .28 left on the clock. I immediately went crazy and called the undergrads, who were apparently running down Old South High St. naked. I miss college. JMU will play the Tribe of William & Mary on Friday night in a stadium that doesn't have lights. Good thing ESPN is bringing lights, otherwise it would be a tough game. Heading down to Richmond friday afternoon to meet up with friends and go cheer on the Dukes. Tickets might be sold out, I got one this morning though, I just hope it comes in time. The game will be broadcast on ESPN2, so be sure to watch it and cheer on the Dukes!

On Sunday Jedd and I met up and headed up to FedEx Field to see the Skin's play the NY Giants. I got tickets through work, and they were incredible. We had a great time, ate too much in the parking lot and got to watch the Skin's whoop up on the Giants. It was a good day to be at FedEx Field (unless you were wearing blue and red). That was the first game they've won that i've attended since Terry Robiskie was coaching, and it was the first division game i've seen them win.

I had a huge victory in the Gainesville Superstars fantasy league. I went up against Donovan McNabb, who had 5 touchdowns. Luckily my running back caught 3 of them. And Portis crushed!

The Duke Dog is still undefeated, and has clinched the online voting portion of the Capital One Bowl. Vote for the Duke Dog this week as he goes up against the hated Hokie Bird.

Another weekend or two like this would be fantastic.


"Look out
Here I come again
I'm bringing my friends
Okay, alright, okay alright!

Outta mind outta site
Outta mind outta si-ite
Outta mind outta si-i-i-ite"
Wilco - Outtamind(Outtasite)



I had to go pick up Mike on the side of 66 last night at 2am. DJ was there, but he was in the back of a cruiser.


"You know sometimes it might be difficult
To walk a straight line when you're
Half in the bag and three sheets to the
Wind so to speak, but to fly?"
moe. "Moth"


Don't Worry

Well, it's another day. It's been pretty boring. Tonight should be fun though. The Days turns 1 year old tonight, so I'm sure shooters will be passed around and maybe i'll even win something.

I was playing poker last night on PartyPoker, and a play sat down across the table named JMUGene. I started talking to him, and it turned out he was a freshman at JMU. We talked about the football team (big game saturday) and he asked me some questions about JMU. That made me feel old. And I lost money, but not to him.

I read an interesting article about Kate Simon today in the Washington Post. Kate Simon is a photographer who spent a lot of time with Bob Marley in the late 70's. Definately an interesting read. She has an exhibit opening on Friday at the Govinda Gallery. I have an invitation to the opening. I might have to venture into the big city.

If you are opening a restaraunt, my friend Kate can paint a mural for you.


Rise up this morning
smiled with the rising sun
three little birds
pitch by my door step
singing sweet songs
of melodies pure and true
saying, this is my message to you:

don't worry about a thing...

-Bob Marley


Really now, who needs a purpose

I figure if i'm gonna be bored out of my mind at work, I should at least let people know what has been going on. Stay tuned, I imagine there will be some updates.